Bull Mansion with white space.jpg

Bull Mansion, built in 1862, is most famously known as the home of James Bull, co-owner of the Bush & Bull department store, and his family. Originally consisting of a simple stone building dating to the early 19th century, and later expanded into a tenement house, Bull bought the property in 1878 and had vastly expanded the structure into a luxurious home by 1886. The exquisite interior details reflect Bull and his wife Mary's considerable wealth and taste for the arts. The Bush & Bull department store was a fixture in downtown Easton until the 1930s, and at its peak contained over 35 departments and employed 250-300 people. The mansion stayed in the Bull family until 1943, after which it passed through several phases before becoming the home of ThreeBirds Coffee House. We invite you to enjoy this unique and special building as much as generations of people have before.

We'll be posting more before and after photos of our renovation and restoration work as it progresses. Follow our social media accounts to keep tabs on us! :)